1948 Keokuk Pirates

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48pirates_thumb.jpg (16932 bytes) The 1948 Keokuk Pirates are, front row, left to right, Harry Amato, Frank Estes, Phil Seghi (manager), John Christadore, George Sopko. Second row, Eddie McLish, Harry Pritts, Billy Wells, Al Fedak, Gus Bell, Don Riley. Back row, George Humes, Dale Heckenberg, Tom Laidlaw, Dale Coogan, Mack Cain, Jack Tanner, Art Smith, Jim Burns (business manager), and president Dr. C. R. Logan.
Gus Bell played with the Keokuk Pirates in 1948 and professionally for Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Gus Bell's 1952 baseball card, mentions Keokuk on the back.
Earl Smith also played for the 1948 Keokuk Pirates and later went to the Majors as an outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
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