1955 Keokuk Kernels

1955 Keokuk Kernels The 1955 Keokuk Kernels, Three-I League Champions.
The 1955 Keokuk Kernels produced four major leaguers: Jim "Mudcat" Grant, Gordy Coleman, Russ Nixon and Bill Dailey.
Jim "Mudcat" Grant After pitching for Keokuk in 1955, Jim "Mudcat" Grant went on to pitch for the Cleveland Indians in 1958. Shown is Grant's 1959 rookie baseball card.

Gordy Coleman One of the three 1955 Keokuk Indians who made the Major Leagues was Gordy Coleman. Coleman went on to be an outfielder for the Cleveland Indians in 1959. This is his 1961 baseball card.

Russ Nixon Russ Nixon was catcher for the '55 Keokuk team and went on to the Cleveland Indians in 1957.
This is Nixon's baseball card from 1959.

kernelsball2.GIF (9488 bytes) Bill Dailey also went to the Cleveland Indians as a pitcher in 1961. To the left is a baseball autographed by the Kernels from '55 or '56. Jim Grant's signature can be seen at the bottom right (the image is still needs a little work).

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